Born in Giessen (Germany) on July 2nd, raised in Darmstadt.
1953-57 Studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin and the Darmstadt School of Arts.
1954 First study trip to Paris.
1955 Four-week educational tour of Italy and Sicily. Close study of sacral buildings.
1956 Marriage.
1957 Four-week study tour through Spain.
1958 Birth of son.
1960 Birth of daughter.
1963-69 Informal structural paintings.
1971 First trip to Prague.
1972-76 Constructive compositions with references to the Far East, water-colour cycle on the subject Mandala.
1977 First solo exhibition at Walramstraße Gallery, Wiesbaden and the Jantzen Gallery in Eschweiler.
1977-80 Period of drawing only.
1980 Two-month tour of southern Turkey, travel-drawings (catalogue).
1981 Work-cycle Shadows for Kaiserslautern. Solo gallery exhibitions in Zweibrücken and Munich (catalogue).

First collages with Asian paper: works with Japanese paper on paper and canvas. Solo exhibitions in Hofstetten/Switzerland, Stuttgart (catalogue), Mainz, Rhede, Saarbrücken. Publication of the bibliophile portfolio Album-Leaves with 4 lithographs and texts by Hanns-Josef Ortheil.

First three-dimensional paintings: works on paper and canvas are filled with volume. Solo show at the National Theatre in Darmstadt: work-cycle Magical Figures I - XI. Graphic edition Colloquium for the Frankfurt Fair Company.

First spatial objects: volumes leave the canvas and become independent. Arcade project for Radolfzell. Work-cycle Orderly Rows. First Ways and Gates. On the Other Side is purchased by the Rhineland-Palatinate Gallery, Kaiserslautern.

Studio in Montreal/Canada, preparation of the exhibition Works on Paper at the Gallery Aubes 3935 (catalogue). First three-dimensional pictures (picture-objects) with crumpled paper. Residence in Chicago and New York. First installations with crumpled paper. First Paper-Spaces. Environment Two Biers in Universe for Bremen. Solo exhibition Plane Objects - Spatial Objects at the Art Association (Kunstverein) Ludwigshafen/Rhine with paper-environment Five Biers in Universe (catalogue).

Concentration on white paintings and objects. Solo exhibition Time-wise - White Time at Kunstverein Unna. Move to the studio Nackstraße. Environment Four Pillows for Basel. Installation Monochrome for the exhibition Ways - Tracks in Aachen (catalogue-newspaper).

Work on the collage-cycle In the Sign of Metry on Nepalese paper for a solo exhibition in Krakau/Poland. Work-group Panel-paintings, canvasses covered with paper in slate-grey, inscribed with letters and numbers in red crayon and white chalk. Spatial object Air - Wind - light for the Municipal Gallery in Bad Waldsee. Project Sinai for the Kunstverein Oerlinghausen (catalogue). ­Installation Turning-Point for Mainz (leaflet).

Environment The Red Guards for Vienna. First picture-objects with crumpled paper. First transparencies (paper objects on the wall), paper-pictures made of Japanese paper filled with volume, but without support. Diptych I feel - I think for Mainz, Dorothea van der Koelen Gallery (catalogue). Work-cycle Panel-Paintings for solo exhibitions in Milan (Spazio Temporaneo Gallery) and Paris (Franka Berndt Gallery).

First poetic transparencies: paper-pictures filled with cotton-wool, inscribed with letters or words. Paper-space The Dialogical Principle for the solo show Script - Words in the Gutenberg-Museum in Mainz (catalogue). Solo exhibition Paper - a Medium in the Hyundai-Gallery in Seoul/South Korea (leaflet) with the six-part transparency Dialogical Principle made of Korean paper, and the environment Intervals, which is purchased by the National Museum of Contemporary Art in South Korea. Production of a 40 meter long Zone of Silence made of paper, with a Panel of Silence as transparancy, on the occasion of the solo exhibition Silence - Concentration in the Dominican church in Osnabrück for the Museum of Cultural History. Showcase object with paper and lead plummet for Bayreuth.

Solo exhibition Towards the Sun in the Lippean Art Society in Detmold. Environment White Center in the castle of Faber-Castell in Stein near Nuremberg, together with the wind-sculpture The Four Elements hanging outside (from the tower), on the occasion of the exhibition Magic Material Paper (catalogue). Environment Shifted Triangle for the ­Syndikat, Bonn (catalogue). Solo show Way – Departure with the paper-space Departure and the installation Way in the Rhineland-Palatinate Gallery, Kaiserslautern (catalogue). First presentation of the Work-Concepts, collages of concepts for temporary, space-related works. Transparency Homage to Dante for the exhibition Poiesis in the Graeme Murray Gallery, Edinburgh/Scotland (book). Visit of Ian Hamilton Finlay in Little Sparta. Environment ... and she does move! (according to Galilei) for Dorothea van der Koelen, Mainz.

Solo exhibition All is Flowing in the Kunstverein Hochrhein, Bad ­Säckingen, with the paper-space All is Flowing and 2 installations Gravitation I + II, work-concepts, transparencies, and picture-objects (catalogue). First presentation of the relief-collages Relations. Paper-space Blue Zone for Arlesheim/Switzerland. Solo exhibition All is Flowing in the Kunstverein Jena, taken over from the Kunstverein Bad Säckingen, with two Environments. Solo show in Bordeaux at the Gallery Zographia with the environment Colloquium.

Solo exhibition Orient-Occident in the Kunstverein Bielefeld, with texts of Western writers and poets on Far-Eastern paper transparencies. Transparency-collages and the environment Magical Mountain (catalogue). Concentration on circular pictures, the theme of Centre. Solo show in Mainz with the circular environment Around a Centre (catalogue). Paper-space Sequence as permanent installation for the recently opened Paper-Museum in Oberlenningen. Solo show Paper-Mandalas at the Siddharta Gallery in Kathmandu/Nepal (catalogue). Centre-collages on Nepalese paper. Direction of a project with art students of the Fine Arts Campus on the occasion of the Mandala-Festival in Kathmandu. Travels through the Kathmandu Valley with Patan, Bhaktapur, Bodnath, Swayambunath and Pashupatinath. Visit of the monastery in Langtan, in the Himalayan Mountains. Sunrise in Nargakot.

First plexiglass boxes filled with Japanese paper and inscribed. Environment Worldmaking, with ostrich egg, for the solo show Ways of Worldmaking at the White Gallery in Cologne. Paper-Space Inferno with three acrylic glass boxes, inscribed with verses from Dante’s Divine Comedy, for the exhibition Le Parole, I Segni in a monastery near Urbino, the Convento intitolato ai Serviti di Maria in Monteciccardo/Italy (catalogue). Environment Elements - Natural Forces in the Sun-Temple of the Orangery in Bayreuth (catalogue). Solo show Remembrance - Presence for the Kunstverein Bayreuth with the environment In Memory of Piero della Francesca at the Old Castle of Bayreuth (catalogue). Installation Period of Time with paper and copper plates numbered from 1 to 10 at the Kornhaus, Museum of the city of Kirchheim/Teck on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the Kunstverein. Production of the 12-part collage-cycle Europe - Identity in Difference for the exhibition in the liaison office of Rhineland-Palatinate to the European Union in Brussels (leaflet).

First environments with neon letters and neon tubes. Synthesis of arts as Qualities like Objects in Space at the Werkhaus in Schwalenberg on the occasion of the project Fourfold - Art in Schwalenberg - Transformation of the city with 8 installations; among them the space Silence with 8 Descriptions of States on acrylic boxes filled with paper, the transparency Plate of Silence, crumpled paper and suspended ostrich eggs, ...the installation Remembrance, an homage to time, in which containers mounted on ­eye-level are inscribed with the birth dates of living artists, ... and the environment Energy, a paper-space with the neon word energy and pendula hanging down from the ceiling, indicating gravitation, visualizing invisibile forces which are only perceivable in their effects, ... and the installations Life and Full - Empty, the paper-sculpture ­Gravitation, and the paper-spaces Dialectics and Modifications (catalogue). Presentation of the Work-concepts at the Studio-Gallery in Gmunden/Austria for the symposium Perspectives of Contemporary Art (catalogue). Environment Happiness is like Clouds for the exhibition Paper = Art at the Neuer Kunstverein Aschaffenburg (catalogue).

First paper-sculptures. Exhibition Light and Shadow, in the White Gallery, Cologne. Participation in the exhibition Conceptual Realities, Galerie Dorothea van der Koelen, Mainz. Environment Swayambunath in the Museum of the World of Industry in Steyr presented by the Pohlhammer Gallery. Extension of the Europe cycle (now 15 parts) by the three new member states. Synthesis of arts in Traces of Remembrance - Signs of the Present in the Palácio Nacional in Sintra with 10 installations in its historically furnished rooms; among them the Number Cube in D. Sebastião’s bedroom, an allusion to time, money and power, ... the Fountain of Life in the Arabian Hall, with the sea-god sinking into a sea of paper, ... a Magic Circle of salt in the kitchen, situated between two significant chimneys and enclosing blue glass vessels filled with rice, ... the Five Elements, swimming floor sculptures in a sea of paper in the Galley Hall. ... Secret Scrolls in the old Armory, ...gold-coloured spheres in the Magpie Hall, heavenly bodies like stars in an ocean, a universe of paper, ...and finally a Zone of Silence in the chapel, ... as well as Characteristics on plexiglass in the Swan Hall and the 15 part work Europe in the Sala da Bonet (cataloge). Paper Sphere on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Gallery de Gryse in Tielt (cataloge).

Environment Numbers ... Quantities ... Qualities ... in the artists’ residence Schloß Balmoral, Bad Ems. First works with Egyptian numbers and characters. Project Mental Values in Cairo with the paper environment Numbers in Space in the Great Cairo Library on the occasion of the first anniversary after its reopening. Workshop with art students at the Dokki College of Education for Arts, Music and Media and an exhibition of Arabic numbers- and word-transparencies in the Echnaton Gallery of the Zamalek Art Center, opened by the Egyptian Minister of Culture, H. E. Farouk Hosni, and for which the environment Hovering – In the Mirror of Reality was realized (catalogue). Presentation of the Egypt-project Mental Values in Mainz. First sculptures with paper under plexiglass.

Further experiments with neon tubes in the shape of Egyptian numbers. Solo exhibition in Paris with the neon installation Numbers in Light outside the Gallery Lucien Durand (book). Solo show Magic of Paper in the White Gallery in Cologne. At the same time, realization of an environment in two parts in the Antoniter church in Cologne: Part I Towards the Light, 21 transparencies inscribed with verses from the prologue of the Gospel according to St. John; Part II Light Circle, a circular paper installation in the centre of the church, which was part of the Easter service. Presentation of the Egyptian transparency number 357042 in the National Gallery in Stuttgart for the exhibition Magic of the Number (catalogue). Participation in the sculpture project NRW Gütersloh Stad(t)t-Art - Kunst in 56 Homeopathic Doses in Dorsten with the model sculpture Numbers... Quantities... Qualities... (catalogue). Realization of the environment Numbers - Infinity in Time and Space for the exhibition Paper Sculptures in the Upper-Austrian State Museum in Linz (catalogue). Participation in the L.A. International Biennial Art Invitational at Hunsaker and Schlesinger Fine Arts in Los Angeles/USA (catalogue). Participation in the exhibition Abstraction at the Atrium Gallery, St. Louis/USA. Invention of the neon spheres (Sets) Study of Kantor’s Set-theory. Solo exhibition Set-theory at Gallery Ingolfsstraeti in Reykjawik/Island with the neon installation Quantities (Sets), consisting of 32 neon spheres (catalogue).

Cycle of crayon drawings on blue Fabriano paper. Watercolour paintings on handmade paper with deckle edge. First Basis works: constructive drawings with collages, based on ground plans of mosques. Solo show To the Land of Light in the Cultural Foundation, Abu Dhabi with the environment Numbers in Light and the presentation of the Basis works. Solo exhibition Without Beginning without End – Borderless in Chemnitz with 4 picture-objects, 2 sculptures, and an environment in the columned hall of the Municipal Art Collection (catalogue). Solo exhibition Idea – Phenomenon – Perception in the Bhak Gallery in Seoul (catalogue).

Invitation as Artist of Honour to the 4th Art Biennial in Sharjah, with the theme of Globalization and Localization in Art. Realization of the environment Universe and presentation of the Europe work and 10 large-format picture-objects and transparencies (catalogue). Presentation of her contribution to the Biennial in the Gallery Dorothea van der Koelen in Mainz. Exhibition in the KunstRaum (Art Space) Bayreuth. Participation in the exhibition The Art of the Line in the Upper-Austrian State Museum in Linz (catalogue). Creation of the synthesis of arts Light Spiral Worldmaking, dedicated to Nelson Goodman, for the sculptural section of the Art Cologne, consisting of a neon installation, 2 sculptures inscribed with texts from Goodman’s Ways of Worldmaking, and a paper space (catalogue).

Participation in the exhibition The Book in the Kunstverein Hochrhein in Bad Säckingen. Presentation of the 15-part collage-cycle EuropeIdentity in Difference in the European Academy of Law (ERA) in Trier. Participation in the exhibition Woman and Art – A Global Perspective, first shown in the Sharjah’s Women Club, and later in the New Sharjah Art Museum (catalogue). Solo exhibition White as Matter in the Kunstverein in the Synagogue in Oerlinghausen. First works with gold leaf. Continuation of the series In the Sign of Matter on waxed paper. Creation of the transparency Trust for Gerling Credit Insurance Agency, Chicago. First Fold-Field-Research-works, on which the Japanese papers are just folded, but not filled with cotton. The Städtische Galerie Karlsruhe presents in the exhibition series Image Change works of Lore Bert about the subject Paper as an Art Medium from its own collection.

Fashioning of the entrance area of the Bayreuth University’s Faculty of the Humanities new building with script-transparencies created exclusively for this occasion, with texts by Jean Paul, Aristoteles, George Kennedy Allen Bell, Machiavelli, and Alkuin. Presentation of Lore Bert´s works at the MOCRA, Museum of Contemporary Religious Art, simultaneously to an exhibition in the Atrium Gallery, both in St. Louis (Mo, USA). Environment Lightning in White for the Kunstverein Zehntscheuer in Rottenburg am Neckar. Public release of Opus Environment. The Work Index of Space Related Works in the Chorus-Verlag für Kunst und Wissenschaft, on the occasion of the solo exhibition Mind Constructions in the Gallery Dorothea van der Koelen in Mainz. The Gerling Corporation purchases 21 works of Lore Bert for the new Gerling building by Norman Forster in Cologne. Presentation of the Environment Time and Space, constructed with texts of Immanuel Kant on paper balls hanging from the ceiling, on the occasion of the exhibition Mind Constructions in the Gallery Campus of British American Tobacco in Bayreuth (catalogue). A new Light Spiral constructed with neon balls for the exhibition Light and Hope in the Gallery Proarta in Zurique.

Participation in exhibitions in Sydney (AUS) and Chemnitz. Oriental Fold-Field-Moons for the exhibition The Moon in the Kunstverein Hochrhein in Bad Säckingen. Pursuit of Basis-works with the silhouettes of Romanic churches in transparencies, image objects and Fold-Field-works. Participation in the exhibition Water – Sand – Space. A Cultural Dialogue in the Sharjah Art Museum (catalogue) with a 7-pieces-cycle about the Emirates and with the Environment Water in Space. Invitation of the Iraq Culture Ministry to the exhibition Art for Mankind in the Saddam Art Center in Baghdad. Solo exhibition Dialogue of Signs in the Gallery Leuchter in Düsseldorf with the Environment Silence. Solo exhibition in the Gallery Proarta in Zurique with the presentation of Romanic silhoutettes, Gotic window shapes (Vierpässe) and of an Environment on Time and Space.

Participation in the exhibition Like a Fish in Water in the Bodenburg Museum of the Kunstverein Bad Salzdethfurt (catalogue). Double installation of Asceticism of St. Antony with paper and painted cloth in two adjacent rooms on the Isola Bella in the Lago Maggiore (catalogue). Participation in the exhibition Water – Sand – Space. A Cultural Dialogue in the City Gallery in the Castle of Wolfsburg with the installation Water in Space (catalogue). Presentation of the work concept of the installation Shining in the White on the occasion of the 20 years existence of the Kulturverein Zehntscheuer in Rottenburg. Participation in the exhibition Numbers – Time – Signs in Mainz with collages of oriental numbers (catalogue). Presentation of the solo exhibition Architettura Veneziana in La Galleria in Venice with collages, based on ground plans of Venetian churches and relief-objects and transparencies with medieval architectural shapes. On the occasion of the reopening of the Gran Teatro La Fenice relief-objects with the topic of Fire and Flames (brochure).

Solo exhibition in the Conny Dietzschold Gallery in Sydney (AUS) and in the Gallery of Waldenburg with three installations. Participation in the exhibition Water – Sand – Space. A Cultural Dialogue in the Museum of Concrete Art in Ingolstadt with the installation Pending Silence (catalogue). Solo exhibition in the Konstruktiv Tendens gallery in Stockholm. Participation in the exhibition In the Cool of the Night in the Atrium Gallery in St. Louis. Solo exhibition in the März in Ladenburg. Participation in the Apriori-exhibitions marking the 25 years gallery jubilee of the Dorothea van der Koelen Galleries in Mainz and Venice (catalogue). Presentation on the art fair in Shanghai.

On the occasion of the Biennale in Venice participation in the exhibition Panta Rhei in La Galleria in Venice (catalogue). Presentation of the Kant-triptych On Aesthetics and a coloured light sculpture of oriental neon numbers on the exhibition Colour-Tones in the Fort Malakoff Park in Mainz. Participation in the exhibition 15 years of Conny Dietzschold Gallery in Sydney (AUS). On the occasion of the 100 years existence of the Leopold-Hoesch Museum in Düren and as part of the 9th Biennale of Paper Art realisation of the installation 100 Years of Time – 100 Years of Movement, a paper space with a sculpture, labelled with a text by Nelson Goodman about Movement, oriental neon numbers on the wall with reference to time and under involvement of a Calder mobile out of the collection of the museum (catalogue). Participation in the exhibition Geometric Abstraction XXIV in Stockholm, in the exhibition Paper in Wiesbaden and in the exhibition 30 Jaar Gallery – 30 Kunstenaars in Tielt (Belgium).

Participation in the exhibition: The Temptation of Saint Anthony – Kraft Collection in the Antonier-House of the Antoniter-Museum in Memmingen (catalogue). Solo exhibition Meditations in the Malgarten monastery in Bramsche. Begin of the small sized collage-cycle Compositions with paper and gold leaf on wax paper, which will increase until the end of the year to more than 260 works. Participation in the exhibition Wonderful in Serra di Villa Rivoltella in Trieste (I), curated by Maria Campitelli (catalogue). Begin of the travelling exhibition Stations in the Ludwig-Museum in Koblenz, an extensive retrospective in occasion of the 70th birthday of Lore Bert, which will travel through 9 more international museums, accompanied of an extensive publication. Second Station of the travelling show in the castle of Wolfsburg, with two new installations in situ, one with the sculpture Number 92 in oriental neon letters, the other a paper room with coloured spheres with the letters of the word stations. Third Station under the title Geometry, Architecture, Poetry – In the Ban of the Cultures in the National museum Muzeum Narodowe in Wroclaw (PL). Solo exhibitions in Bayreuth and Treviso (I). Presentation of the 15-part-cycle Europe – Identity in the Difference in the Kongreß Centre Vienna (A). Acrylic glass boxes, filled with crumbled paper and lettered with peaceful qualities, as well as a Kant-Spiral for the exhibition The intelligible non-violent Art (catalogue) in the Atlas Gallery in Lodz (PL). Participation with Compositions in the exhibition Geometric Abstraction XXV in Stockholm (S) on the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of the Konstruktiv Tendens Gallery. Presentation of the Green Labyrinth in paper in the exhibition Structures of Nature in La Galleria in Venice (I).

Lore Bert’s next station in the Orient. Great retrospective show with 333 works and 9 environments in 36 rooms of the Sharjah Art Museum, United Arab Emirates (catalogue). Participation in the exhibition Calculated... Mathematics in Concrete Art in the Museum Kulturspeicher in Wurzburg (catalogue). Environment Schweben – Pending and sphere-multiple Transcendency for the exhibition Pending in Mainz (catalogue). Participation in the exhibition Internacional Constructivo Concreto Reductiivo Inteligible (›The Intelligible Nonviolent Art‹) in the Centro Cultural Isabel de Farnesio in Aranjuez (E) (catalogue). Dialog-exhibition Correspondences with Heinz Gappmayr in the Forum for Concrete Art Petersberg in Erfurt with the environment Stations. Solo exhibition Dialogue of Religions – Dialogue of Cultures with two new environments in Gazi-Husrev-Begova-Medresa, the oldest Koran school in Sarajevo (BiH), initialised by Michael Schroen of the Goethe-Institute in Sarajevo. Arranged the entrance hall in the Museum Modern Art in Hünfeld at the one-year-exhibition constructive – concrete, reductive – conceptual, due to invitation of Jürgen Blum. Solo exhibition in the Galleria Il Cielo in Rome. Presentation of Kant-Transparencies parallel to the Documenta 12 in Kleinsassen.

Special presentation with the environment Transcendental Aesthetics by Lore Bert for the exhibition The Rational Woman II in the Women's Museum in Bonn (catalogue) on the occasion of the year of mathematics. Next station of the retrospective touring exhibition in the Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Wörlen in Passau with the environment 3 Rivers. Realisation of the environments Triangular in a Semi-Circle for the exhibition Light-works in Mainz on occasion of the Luminale - Biennale of Light-Culture in the Rhine-Main area (catalogue). Due to invitation by Thomas Fey and Benita Kimmel, participation in the Festival of Culture of the Heidelberg Philharmonic Orchestra in Sylt. Participation in the exhibition Paper Space of the Gallery Thomas in Munich and of the exhibition Tabula Rasa by Lo Spirito del Lago on the Isola Bella on the Lago Maggiore (I). Presentation of the picture-object Coloured Rosettes and the light sculpture Arc Red in the touring exhibiton red. green. blue. Experiments in Colour and Light, curated by Konrad Scheuermann in Ilmenau, Jena, Bonn, Krakow, Zurich and Karlsruhe (catalogue). On the occasion of the Architecture Biennale in Venice participation in the exhibition Intermezzo in La Galleria in Venice (Italy). Further participation in exhibitions in Zurich, Bayreuth, and St. Louis, MO (USA).

Exhibition Monologue Dialogue in the old town hall of Ingelheim at the Kunstforum Rheinhessen. Participated in the exhibition From Arman to Andy Warhol. Masterpieces in the Ludwig Museum at the Ludwig Museum in the Deutschherrenhaus in Koblenz (catalogue). Solo exhibition Paper Pictures in the Kunstmuseum Ahlen, which included 80 works, several environments, and a light installation (catalogue). Presented a panel from 1989 and a relief object from 2009 in the exhibition Concrete Art – 20 Years after the fall of the Wall in the Edsvik Konsthallar in Stockholm (Sweden). Solo exhibition of new Relief Objects and Sculptures at the new Galerie Schrade in the Zirkel in Karlsruhe. Participated in the significant anniversary exhibitions When Ideas become Form – 30 Years of Gallery in La Galleria in Venice (Italy) and Galerie Dorothea van der Koelen in Mainz (catalogue). Presentation of the environment Dialog – consisting of 6 coloured, spherical sculptures mounted on columns featuring the letters of the word dialog and standing in a white sea of paper­­ – at the exhibition Aspects of European Sculpture in Dialogue with the Netherlands in the Haus der Niederlande in Münster.

Solo exhibition Conversations at the Atrium Gallery in St. Louis, MO (USA). Participated in the exhibition Paper Works in Small Format at the Galerie Dorothea van der Koelen in Mainz and in the exhibition I don’t know what Art is. A Glimpse at a Private Collection in the Marta-Museum in Herford (catalogue).

Honorary artist of the Turkish 1st International Art Biennial of Izmir (catalogue) in Izmir (Turkey). Participated in the exhibition Arte in Movimento in La Galleria in Venice (Italy) (catalogue). Solo exhibition in Mainz on the occasion of her 75th birthday, Hic et nunc – Here and Now at the Galerie Dorothea van der Koelen. Exhibition Lore Bert and the Sciences at the Johannes Gutenberg-Museum, opened by a speech given by Secretary of State for Cultural Affairs Walter Schumacher and crowned by a laudatory speech delivered by Jan Hoet, maker of Documenta. The central piece in the exhibition was Ways of Making the World, dedicated to Nelson Goodman, and consisted of the two sculptures Movement and Accrual of Knowledge. Presentation of the second cycle of Europe – Identity in Difference featuring the 27 countries currently belonging to the EU in the representation of Rhineland-Palatinate in Brussels (Belgium) (book). Participation in the exhibition Spectral in the congress hall of the Hilton in Mainz (catalogue), Black/White in the Atrium Gallery in St. Louis, MO (USA), and the opening exhibition of Galerie von Waldenburg in Berlin.

Solo exhibition Magic of Paper in Galerie Samuelis Baumgarte in Bielefeld, opened by an artists’ dialogue between Alfred Biolek and Lore Bert. Participated in the exhibition Ash & Gold in the Marta-Museum Herford (catalogue). Publication of the monograph Paper Pictures 2, documenting the latest relief objects and transparents since 2008.

Presentation of the Biennale project in a solo exhibition in Mainz. Expansion of the Europe cycle to include the 47 member states of the Council of Europe (COE) for an exhibition opened on the occasion of the Europe Festival inaugurating the new COE headquarters in Venice. Publication of the second, revised edition of the Europe book. Celebration, an exhibition for and with Lore Bert in honour of the artist, appeared in the Atrium Gallery in St. Louis, MO (USA) and anticipated her contribution to the 55th Biennale di Venezia. Participated in the 55th International Art Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia (Evento Collaterale) with the exhibition Art & Knowledge - The Spirit of Place in the 5 Platonic Solids of Lore Bert in the ceremonial halls (sale monumentali) of the National Library (Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana) on St Mark’s square in Venice (Italy). 5 mirror sculptures, shaped as 'platonic solids', were placed in a sea of folded white paper and flanked by 12 pictorial works: 3 transparents with quotes from Dante, Rilke and Kant, 7 relief objects based on Venetian ornaments and motives, and 2 Chinese pictograms with the symbols for the terms luck and future. According to one travel portal, they attracted more than 105,000 visitors during period of the exhibition alone and earned it the honour of being called one of the top 10 cultural events in Italy this summer. Publication of an extensive tri-lingual monograph about Lore Bert’s work, including several text contributions and a detailed documentation of the Biennale project. Solo exhibition at Galerie von Waldenburg in Berlin.
The Environment The 5 Platonic Solids – created for the Biennal Venice 2013, consisting of 5 mirror sculptures in a sea of paper – is shown together with 15 large-scale relief-objects and paper works in Busan Museum of Art in Korea (book). Grand opening by director Cho Il-San. Participation in the themed exhibition Art in Architecture & Others on occasion of 14th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice. Paper works, collages and photographs are put in context with art-in-architecture-projects. At the end of the year, CADORO - the new Centre for Art and Science in Mainz-Hechtsheim, opens. Lore Bert shows her environment The 5 Platonic Solids and a variety of works created specifically for the exhibition Towards the Future in the showroom adjacent to her new 600 m² atelier in the second floor of the new CADORO.
2015 Participation in the group show Woman in the Atrium together with other selected international female artists in the Atrium Gallery, St. Louis, USA. Simultaneously the second showing of Towards the Future is launched in Venice by the venetian branch of Galerie Dr. Dorothea van der Koelen, called La Galleria, with new relief-objects and transparencies in luminescent magenta by Lore Bert (catalogue). In the context of the Biennal of Venice, the European Culture Centre proudly presents Lore Berts works in the exhibition Personal Structures – Crossing Borders inside the historical Palazzo Bembo (catalogue). In a group show together with Sibylle Wagner in Homburg/Saar by galerie m beck, a broad variety of Lore Bert oeuvre is shown. Concluding the year, a solo exhibition in the Venice International University (VIU) on San Servolo in Venice titled Europe – Identity in Differece is shown.

On occasion of the artists 80th birthday, a travelling exhibition takes place in Rome, Venice, Castle Mochental, Lugano, Mexico City, Milano and Lublin. Under the title In the Vortex of Cultures – Fragile Values works broaching the issues of cultural interaction and the fragiliy of human values. Constructive shapes alternate with architectural elements as well as influences of poetry and philosophy. The grand opening ceremony in the Circolo del Ministero degli Affari Esteri (circle of friends of the department of foreign affairs) is held by the director of the circle, His Excellency Ambassador Alessandro Vattani, and His Excellency Ambassador Umberto Vattani. The German Ambassador, His Excellency Dr. Hinrich Thölken, venerates the guest of honor.


The travelling exhibition In the Vortex of Cultures – Fragile Values comes to Lublin, Poland. After a felicitous vernissage which the president of Lublin, Dr. Krzysztof Żuk, and the Marshal of the voivodship Lublin, Dr. Krzysztof Grabczuk, attended to the exhibition opened its gates. Besides an environment created solely for this exhibition, a variety of Lore Berts works was shown to depict her rich oeuvre to the audience. The exhibition was very well received.
Besides this prestigious solo exhibition, works of the famous paper artist from Mainz are also shown in the group exhibitions Masterpieces der Galerie Dr. Dorothea van der Koelen and Form and Space: Concetti Spaziali in Mainz and Venice respectively.


The Rother Winter Gallery in Wiesbaden dedicated a solo exhibition to Lore Bert which showcased large-scale relief-objects, an environmentas well as a selection of smaller paper works.




Parallel to the 2019 Venice Art Biennial, the artist showed her breathtaking installation »Illumination – Ways to Eureka« inside San Samuele church in Venice. It consists of a pillar made from dichroic glass protruding from a heaving sea of white paper and attracted many visitors.

Lore Bert lives and works in Mainz and Venice.